Consulting Services

In addition to our training and certification programs, Five Star Fire Training is also proud to offer an array of consulting services. Our personnel and associates are uniquely qualified for these services, and we have experience both domestically and abroad. Unlike other consultancy groups, our staff members have decades of experience dealing in all aspects of the services listed below. Not only have we written these plans, we’ve developed real life practical exercises around them. Many of us have had to utilize plans such as these on a regular basis in our careers during actual events that range from a 100,000 person concert, motorsports event, or other mass gathering, to catastrophic events, such as The World Trade Center, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, California earthquakes, and pandemic outbreaks. In other words, we don’t just write about it and train for it, we’ve lived it.

A sampling of our consultant services are listed below. If you don’t happen to see what you are looking for listed herein, please contact us to inquire about your specific need.

Regional and Local Fire & Emergency Services Surveys and Planning

Emergency Services Operational and Administrative Reviews

Standard Operating Guideline Review and Writing Services

Special Operations Team Reviews and Training

Facility Fire Safety Planning

Mass Gathering (event) Fire Safety & Emergency Planning

Emergency Management Planning

Firefighter, Driver / Operator Evaluations

Specialized Risk Management Assessments